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Many underlayment products offer comfort but will compromise on performance. This is why so many carpets start showing signs of wear quickly, or need restretching soon after installation.

Bonded Foam

Premium Plus

Memory Foam

Premium Solutions

Luxe 10mm Underlay

This luxury rated 10mm carpet pad is engineered to enhance the feel and comfort of your carpet at a cost effective price point.


Luxe 11mm Underlay

This 11mm carpet pad is constructed from an isolated foam™ formula that provides a consistent density and feel throughout the installation. 

11mm underlay nz

Luxe 12mm Underlay

Our Performance carpet pad ranges help reduce the signs of wear and tear in high traffic areas, extending a carpets lifespan for longer.

12mm underlay nz

What customers say about us.

Customer Reviews

We just had Luxe and carpet installed and what a difference! So pleased with the result!

Christel Hamer Customer

5 stars from the team at Hocking’s flooring.Great products, great support, and when I need the product at a specific time or date they make it happen.

Hocking’s flooring Customer

We recently rebuilt our home and installed luxe and we absolutely love it. So comfortable to walk on. We would recommend it to everyone, you honestly won’t regret it.

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Nicky and Peter Customer

    Products, Consumer Advice and our most frequently asked questions


    We hold a comprehensive range of re-bond foam and premium carpet pad products suitable for any residential installation.


    Carpet pad is an integral ingredient that shapes the way your carpet will feel, wear, and look long-term.


    Have a question, or a general enquiry? We have listed some of our most frequently asked consumer questions.

    Hybrid Carpet Cushion

    Silk Memory

    Silk Memory is manufactured from a premium viscoelastic polymer and isolated foam chip construction.

    Our foam is treated with Ultra-fresh antimicrobial protection eliminating mold, mildew and odor causing bacteria for a warmer, drier, healthier home.

    Reduces noise transmission throughout the home and creates a more energy efficient environment, reducing those expensive monthly power bills.

    Supports a carpets long-term performance in high traffic areas

    Exceptional load bearing and stress dissipation properties

    Want to know more about our product warranty?

    Lifetime Guarantee

    Product Features

    Moisture Barrier

    Prevents the passage of moisture that comes from beneath your carpet. Helps protect against spills between your carpet and subfloor.

    Reinforcement Grid

    Amplifies the products load-bearing properties, dispersing the energy generated from foot traffic evenly, prolonging the life of the product.

    Isolated Foam

    Constructed with our unique Isolated Foam Construction™ ensures that Luxe Underlay products provide a consistent density and feel throughout the installation.

    Features and Benefits 3D Underlay with grid image

    Sound Insulation

    Unmatched in acoustic insulation for impact noise and footfall, our performance products exceed the NRC standard with no carpet.

    Thermal Insulation

    The refined thermal binding process used in the production of Luxe Underlay enhances the products average insulation benefits by a further 13.63%.

    Reclaimed Foam

    Unlike mixed foam chip carpet pad, Luxe Underlay products are heavily reduced in foreign contaminants and is consistent in thickness. density and weight.

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    “Art comes in many forms”

    Luxe Underlay is one of them!

    Other Premium Underlay
    Other premium underlay Product

    Performance Challenge

    Signs of wear are evident with standard underlay after testing. With a minimum thickness loss of 9% and a max of 11%, the carpet fibres, like the underlay flatten.

    Check out the results for Luxe Underlay

    Luxe Underlay
    Luxe underlay product

    Performance Challenge

    With excellent retention properties Luxe Underlay provides far greater support underneath a carpet, extending the lifespan of the product for longer.

    The clear winner!

    No Underlay
    Before and After Reference Test No Underlay

    Performance Challenge

    We conducted a wear test challenge between a range of premium underlay and the Luxe Performance Collection to demonstrate why your choice in carpet pad matters.

    Keep an eye out for the results.