What is the best underlay for carpet?

Buying Underlay?

Buying new carpet and underlay for the home is a serious investment that gives it a new look and feel. But with so many options available for the consumer to purchase, it can make the buying process extremely confusing. Knowing what constitutes a quality product, and the features to look for are extremely important if you are going to make the right choice.

So what is the best underlay for carpet?

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What Is The Best Underlay For Carpet

Carpet Construction

The construction of a carpet is also important for long-term appearance retention. There are 4 key factors you should concentrate on.

They are the twist rate, the gauge, the thickness of the linear density of the fibre used in manufacturing the product, and whether the yarn is heat set at the tip. The higher the twist rate, the better. Anything over 220 twist per yarn metre is satisfactory, 280 + is recommended, with a 1/10th gauge stitch.

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