Baileys Underlay 10mm 95kg

The Baileys Underlay 10mm 95kg is a luxury rated carpet cushion constructed with a prime PU foam and suitable for everyday use.

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The manufacturers of Luxe have taken every problem from past underlays to create the ideal product of today in my opinion



Product Details

Brand Baileys
Installation Stretch fit
Roll weight 17.44 (kg)
Roll width 1.83 (m)
Roll area 18.30 (m2)
Thermal Resistance 2.4 TOG
Sound Insulation 38 (dB)
Classification Luxury
Warranty Lifetime
Luxe Underlay
Luxe underlay product

Performance Challenge

With excellent retention properties Luxe Underlay provides far greater support underneath a carpet, extending the lifespan of the product for longer.

The clear winner!

Other Premium Underlay
Other premium underlay Product

Performance Challenge

Signs of wear are evident with standard underlay after testing. With a minimum thickness loss of 9% and a max of 11%, the carpet fibres, like the underlay flatten.

Check out the results for Luxe Underlay

No Underlay
Before and After Reference Test No Underlay

Performance Challenge

We conducted a wear test challenge between a range of premium underlay and the Luxe Performance Collection to demonstrate why your choice in carpet pad matters.

Keep an eye out for the results.